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For original research on approximately 3,000 companies globally, flagship publications, market insights and thematic analysis, go to Credit Suisse PLUS.

  • Credit Suisse PLUS gives you direct access to award-winning insights and analysis
  • Read original research on approximately 3,000 companies globally
  • Access flagship publications for differentiated and thought-provoking thematic analysis
  • Get timely market insights across multiple asset classes, markets, sectors and geographies
  • React to global events and trends with cohesive and impactful publications from our Global Economics team
  • With Credit Suisse PLUS' advanced search capabilities you can search for reports by company, author, sector, topic or report name
  • Filter content by report type, region, date, industry, length and most read
  • Select subscriptions that reflect your interests and receive insights directly in your inbox
  • Interactive HTML view is optimized for mobile, tablet or desktop
  • PDF view is optimized for download or print
  • Scroller gives you access to our analysts' commentary on global events
  • Insights can be shared with other Credit Suisse PLUS users within seconds

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