Software Partners Specifications


Credit Suisse has prepared its own specifications and recommendations for implementing ISO 20022 in order to further refine the Implementation Guidelines for Switzerland and Common Global Implementation (CGI). You can find the respective documents on the Swiss and CGI market practices in the tables below.

Market Practice Switzerland (SPS)

Topic Specifications Table
Transfer (pain.001) pain.001 – SPS PDF pain.001 – SPS XSD
Status report (pain.002) pain.002 – SPS PDF pain.002 – SPS XSD
Account report (camt.052) camt.052 - SPS PDF camt.052 - SPS XSD
Statement (camt.053) camt.053 - SPS PDF camt.053 - SPS XSD
Debit/credit notification (camt.054) camt.054 - SPS PDF camt.054 - SPS XSD

Market Practice world-wide (CGI)

Topic Specifications Table
Transfer (pain.001) pain.001 – CGI PDF pain.001 – CGI XSD