Newsletter Newsletter for Companies: Archive

Newsletter for Companies: Archive

May 2020

  • Credit Suisse is prepared for the QR-bill – are you?
  • Payment tracking information now available in Credit Suisse Direct
  • Changes to Direct Link and Direct Exchange – affected clients must migrate before the end of September 2020
  • Further information on regulatory requirements for payment transactions

September 2019

  • QR-bill – other new features
  • Keep client master data up to date – even the IBAN may change
  • SWIFT gpi
  • New requirement for payments to the United Arab Emirates

December 2018

  • The QR-bill at a glance
  • Benefits for invoice receivers and billers
  • Results of the consultation procedure
  • Getting ready for the QR-bill: What you need to do
  • Direct debit (LSV)

July 2018

  • An important milestone has now been reached: The majority of Credit Suisse clients affected have successfully migrated to the ISO 20022 standard
  • Payment Status Report – pain.002
  • Deutsche Lufthansa AG – Another successful client migration
  • Salary payment information now available online as a fact sheet
  • Successfully migrated – what happens next?

May 2018

  • Deadline Is Approaching – June 2018 Is in Sight
  • Activate ISO 20022
  • Submit Valid Bank and Account Data Even for Testing
  • New camt.053 Test Files Available on Test Platform
  • Issues to Consider for Salary Payments
  • What is happening with the different direct debit processes?
  • Can I submit pain.008 CH-TA to Credit Suisse?
  • Do I need to switch to IBAN now?
  • What do regulatory requirements have to do with ISO 20022?

February 2018

  • The countdown is on: As of June 30, 2018, Credit Suisse will no longer accept the DTA format
  • A Successful Example: Geberit – a Brief Summary
  • Camt format – now also available at Credit Suisse
  • How can I print QR invoices myself?

December 2017

  • «Hey Boss» - The Countdown to the DTA Replacement Is On
  • ISO 20022 Test Platform – Updated
  • Take Matters into Your Own Hands: Updated List of Compatible Software
  • QR Invoice as Part of the Digital Business Process

July 2017

  • Credit Suisse's Self-Service Platform for Payment Transactions Harmonization
  • Is Your Master Data Ready for Payment Transaction Harmonization?
  • Update Your Payment Software – Credit Suisse Is Ready for ISO 20022; Now It's Your Turn!

May 2017

  • Our New Online Banking for Private and Corporate Clients: Credit Suisse Direct and Credit Suisse Direct Business
  • QR Bill to Replace All Swiss Payment Slips Starting in January 2019
  • New Credit Suisse Microsite Dedicated to Payment Transaction Harmonization in Switzerland
  • For Your Payment Transaction Harmonization Project: New List of Integrators
  • Newsletter Now Published Bi-Monthly Instead of Monthly

March 2017

  • Credit Suisse Is Ready – New ISO 20022 Offering List
  • New and Stand-Alone Website for PT Harmonization

February 2017

  • pain.001 Now Possible in Direct Net Too, and Therefore via All Credit Suisse Channels
  • Updated Format and Channel Offer for File Transfers with ISO 20022
  • Payment traffic in ERP with a click of the mouse: The rout

January 2017

  • New List of Payment Transaction Software Compatible with Credit Suisse
  • Are you ready for ISO 20022?

December 2016

  • New ISO 20022 File Transfer Format and Channel Offering at a Glance
  • ISO 20022 Test Platform Now Jumps to Alerts and Errors
  • Test Platform Trials Reveal: Watch Out When Making Salary Payments!
  • ISO 20022 – Impetus for digital Switzerland
  • Wishing You Happy Holidays and a Prosperous 2017