Phase-out date for payment slips (payment slips/inpayment slips with reference number) on September 30, 2022

The executive board of PostFinance AG has set the phase-out date of the red and orange (ISR) payment slips for September 30, 2022. This decision means that both types of payment slip will be replaced for all Swiss bank clients.

During this transition period, the current payment slips can still be used in parallel. After the phase-out date, the QR-bill or the digital eBill will be available for invoicing.

The QR-bill made an important contribution to the development of digital payment transactions when it was introduced. It is designed to encourage the digitalization of payment transactions, while still making it possible to use long-standing channels such as over-the-counter payments and written payment orders.

eBill goes much further: It closes the final media breaks. The whole value chain from invoice creation to payment is digitalized: Billers send invoices directly and securely to their clients' e-banking and mobile banking. Clients check all the details online and can approve the bill for payment with a single click. eBill thus simplifies all processes in a systematic manner and delivers an entirely paperless and digital client experience.