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Global Supertrends Conference 2022

CNBC Managing Asia ‘Live’: A hero’s story

In a special episode of CNBC Managing Asia ‘Live’ at the Global Supertrends Conference 2022, CNBC Asia Anchor Christine Tan spoke to Sunil Kant Munjal, Chairman, Hero Enterprise and Founder, Serendipity Arts Foundation.

Mr. Munjal shared his fascinating entrepreneurial journey running the Hero Group, India’s premier automotive manufacturing group that evolved from being the world’s largest bicycle-maker to the largest two-wheeler maker.

Mr. Munjal spoke about his journey taking over the reins of the business from his father, who co-founded the business, and the values that have helped to ensure the group’s success in the face of business and family challenges. 

“Very often in life you have to make difficult decisions. So the test I have for myself is what would my father do if he were in my place. If the test is okay, I don't even think, I just go do it. For me that, in many ways, is the best defence that I have to keep myself on track,” he said.

Looking ahead, he is confident that the family will continue to thrive as the third-generation members prepare to take the lead.

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