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The pulse of progress.
In Switzerland.

Progress is deeply rooted in Credit Suisse's long history. In memory of our founder Alfred Escher, Credit Suisse has conducted a representative survey to determine how the Swiss people feel about their country’s future sustainability. It reveals where voters want more rapid progress, and where they would prefer progress to slow down.

What progress means. Today.

Our study discovered the following four areas about progress where Swiss people feel the strongest. The graphic shows the population's openness to progress in relation to a particular issue. The index can take values from +100 (100% of respondents are clearly in favor of accelerated progress) and -100 (100% clearly in favor of braking).

Data collected online from July to August 2018, using a representative survey of 2,828 voting-age respondents and 305 opinion leaders, all of whom reside in Switzerland. Opinion leaders are persons active in a political, cultural or entrepreneurial sense, or else in the management of big companies. These opinion-leaders thus make something of a public impact in politics, society or industry, and exercise an influence extending beyond their own immediate environment.

Fast. Forward.

Our study shows that opinion leaders are more eager than the electorate as a whole to accelerate progress – and that applies to the economic, social and political arenas. What's particularly striking is that Swiss people are so willing to support further progress, given that Switzerland already ranks at the top for progress on our index when it comes to a number of real economic indicators.