Credit Suisse Mobile Token

A simple, swift and secure way to access the Credit Suisse PB APAC app, without a physical security device.

1. Seamless Access Via The Integrated Security Solution
Authenticate your login without having to leave the app or input a code.

2. Secure 
Convenient app access without compromising the level of security.

3. Simple to setup
Two simple steps to complete the one time setup.

How to set up Mobile Token

Requires the Credit Suisse PB APAC app. Available from the App Store and Google Play.

1. Open the Credit Suisse PB APAC app on your mobile device.

2. Key in the SMS Activation Code that is sent to the phone number you registered with Credit Suisse. Tap ‘Done’ to access the app and complete the Mobile Token set up.

Log in to the app to set up Mobile Token.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Mobile Token?
    Mobile Token is a virtual security device integrated into the Credit Suisse PB APAC app. It provides a more convenient way to authenticate your login to the Credit Suisse PB APAC app without compromising the level of security.‎
  2. How do I set up Mobile Token?
    To register your Mobile Token for the first time, please follow the steps here.
  3. How many devices can I register for Mobile Token?
    You can register up to 8 mobile devices per user.
  4. Can I set up Mobile Token on more than one user account?
    Yes, you can. If you have more than set of login credentials, you can register them for Mobile Token on the same device.
  5. What if I lose or replace a device where I have previously set up Mobile Token?
    If you wish to remove Mobile Token from your old mobile device or have lost your mobile device, you may do so by tapping on the menu button and selecting “Settings” from the dropdown options within the App. You can then remove your selected mobile device(s) within the “Security” tab section. Alternately you may call our Customer Care Center.‎
  6. Do I still need to use a physical security device?
    Once you have set up Mobile Token, you will not have to use your physical security device because the login authentication will be completed within the Credit Suisse PB APAC app.
  7. Can I continue using the physical security device if I do not wish to register for Mobile Token?
    From 1 November 2021, Mobile Token will be the only login authentication solution available, physical security devices will no longer be supported.‎