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I am pleased to present Credit Suisse’s Supertrends, the long-term investment themes our Research specialists have carved out for you.

These themes, based on our House View, link long-term trends like the political change in Western countries, demographic shifts or rapid technological progress to concrete investment opportunities geared to the long term. They provide a tangible link between today’s major developments and investors’ portfolios and, I believe, can improve portfolios’ risk/return profile in the long run. They enable us as a bank to connect societal needs – take infrastructure – with funding by private investors, while providing the latter with sound investment ideas and sources of yield and return.

In-depth knowledge of the issues at stake, investment expertise and a vision to create tailored investment solutions – this is the contribution financial institutions such as Credit Suisse can make for clients. I trust you will find the Supertrends and investment ideas interesting and relevant.

Michael Strobaek
Global Chief Investment Officer
Credit Suisse

Investing for the long term

As investors wonder how to best handle high valuations of many assets, they automatically turn to thematic investments that can benefit from long term societal trends.

The expectation is that such investments do not depend as much on the daily ups and downs of the financial markets, but seek to profit from the predictability and sustainability of multi-year trends. Demographics, transformational socioeconomic and political developments as well as technological and scientific progress are at their core.

In this context, we are presenting Credit Suisse’s Supertrends: Angry Societies – Multipolar World, Infrastructure – Closing the Gap, Technology at the Service of Humans, Silver Economy – Investing for Population Aging and Millennials’ Values are the long-term themes we expect to dominate in the coming years and provide investment opportunities.

Supertrends are the fruit of the collective expertise of Credit Suisse’s Investment Strategy & Research. I hope you find our work inspiring and useful.