Supertrends 2021

Supertrends. Investing with purpose.

From societal trends to investor impact.

Michael Strobaek

Global Chief Investment Officer, Credit Suisse

Nannette Hechler-Fayd’herbe

Global Head of Economics & Research, Credit Suisse


The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a great disruptor, accelerating progress in some fields such as technology, but reversing hard-fought gains in other areas including poverty, health, quality education, and gender equality.

Governments, businesses, and citizens are now looking at how to “build back better” in the post-COVID world. While the pandemic will pass, the world will likely keep this objective firmly in mind in order to address the significant challenges that lie ahead and to steer our economies and societies toward a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Investors play an important part by directing their capital toward investment solutions that participate in this effort – in other words, investing with purpose. Our long-term thematic equity investing framework, Supertrends, which covers a wide range of topics from climate change and demographics to infrastructure and technology, provides an avenue to do so.

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