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Michael Strobaek, Global Chief Investment Officer,
Credit Suisse

Supertrends – A part of the Credit Suisse House View

Nannette Hechler-Fayd’herbe, CIO International Wealth Management, Global Head of Economics & Research,
Credit Suisse

Supertrends since inception 2017

Daniel Rupli, Head of Single Security Research,
Equity & Credit, Credit Suisse

Supertrends. What's new

Reto Hess, Head of Single Security Research,
Equity & Industrials, Credit Suisse

Angry societies - Multipolar world

Jens Zimmermann, Senior Equity Analyst, Energy & Utilities, Credit Suisse

Infrastructure – Closing the gap

Uwe Neumann, Senior Equity Analyst, Technology & Telecom, Credit Suisse

Technology at the service of humans

Lorenzo Biasio, Senior Equity Analyst, Healthcare,
Credit Suisse

Silver economy – Investing for population aging

Julie Saussier, Senior Equity Analyst, Consumer Goods, 
Credit Suisse

Millennials’ values