3rd PIC 2016 Treedom, Italy: Environment

Treedom, Italy: Environment

To enable anyone to plant a real tree anywhere in the world just by using their smartphone or PC, while directly supporting a local farmer

About the product

Treedom sells a tree planting service by directly financing cooperatives of farmers who plant the trees and manage their upkeep. The innovation lies in associating each tree to the user who has planted it. Each tree has an online page, it’s geolocalized and photographed, it can help the user absorb the CO2 produced by its activities, it can be kept or virtually gifted to someone else.

About the market

Market description

Treedom’s business model is based on corporate and retail clients because “green is the new black”; people have a higher sensibility and “environmental demand”, while companies increasingly include “green” activities in their marketing and CSR strategies. Treedom brings innovation and transparency to the charity sector, transforming a good deed into a modern tool of communication and engagement.

Market figures*

  • €4.2tn global market value for low carbon goods
  • €9.1bn online donation value for environmental actions in USA during 2014
  • €359k average investment per company for environmental issues
  • €441.9bn total value of the environmental consulting services market

* From external reports

Questions to Federico Garcea, Founder & CEO

What are your venture’s key achievements to date?

250,000+ trees planted, offsetting 96,720 tons of CO2 and positively impacting 17,350 farmers in Italy and 9 other countries in Africa and Latin America. Treedom’s community comprises more than 52,000 users, and 180 companies, including Enel, H&M and FCA. In 2015, Treedom had revenues of €1m with 30.4% EBITDA margin.

What are you plans for future development?

Treedom has a long-term strategy to be the global benchmark for tree planting with strong growth and profitability, while maintaining transparency, innovation, environmental education and social impact. It involves 3 main development areas:

  • consolidating the business client offer and expanding internationally
  • consumer product development
  • promoting consumer products nationally and internationally

What is your competitive environment?

Treedom is the only company to offer a transparent tool for companies’ CSR activities and an innovative way to engage people in environmental protection actions. No existing competitor can give its users the possibility of interacting virtually with the trees they plant. Treedom’s product offering and business model are truly unique, and its only competitors are indirect e.g., non-profit organizations, environmental consultants.