3rd PIC 2016 Quiver, USA: Mobile messaging, marketing, mobilization, payments

Quiver, USA: Mobile messaging, marketing, mobilization, payments

To become the best way to connect with the people and the things you love by adding precision, relevance and impact to mobile messaging

About the product

Quiver is a mobile messaging platform that has integrated powerful geo and time targeting functionalities so senders can precisely control when and where their message is received.
An invitation to friends to grab drinks in NY only goes to those friends who are in NY that day. The offer for VIP customers to meet the celebrity backstage only goes to people actually at the concert.

About the market

Market description

Mobile messaging is the fastest growing audience engagement platform. It just recently surpassed social networks and continues to expand at an accelerating pace.
In addition to the enormous macro growth, key industry factors helping Quiver include the advent of ad-blocking, the fact that geo targeting delivers more than 2x the conversions than non-targeted, and that 70% of mobile users are willing to give up location in exchange for value.

Market figures

The spend on mobile messaging audience engagement will increase 100% YOY for the foreseeable future.

Questions to Bryan Bogensberger Co-founder and CEO

What are your venture’s key achievements to date?

Within 4 weeks of its launch in Q3, 2014, Quiver had on-boarded 25 organizations globally. It has approximately 500 companies in its sales funnel and is closing 1 - 3 organizations per week. Enterprise customers are being signed from Montreal to Melbourne, Denver to Panama City.
Quiver is also partnering with global ad agencies and telecoms, and supporting not-for-profits with free programs.

What are you plans for future development?

Apart from making Quiver a best-in-class mobile messaging platform, the grand vision is to make its API extendable and to add mobile payments:

  • An extendable API so that organizations can integrate Quiver into their apps and their backend systems like CRM, POS, reservation and payment platforms
  • A mobile payments platform so that people and companies can use Quiver to precisely send money - to kids who are at school at noon, to remote workers at 5pm who are at the job site

What is your competitive environment?

Mobile messaging based audience engagement is an emerging space. There are very successful companies like Facebook playing in the space as well as many upstarts like Tiger Text who are entering and being successful by offering something new. It is early days in the space where the world of innovation has only scratched the surface of what is possible and what will be a valuable business. There are very few companies addressing audience engagement via mobile messaging directly and certainly none with geo and time targeting like Quiver.