3rd PIC 2016 Ossia, USA: Consumer electronics, wireless systems, power delivery

Ossia, USA: Consumer electronics, wireless systems, power delivery

To make a world, in which devices are smart to better serve humankind, a reality.

About the product

Ossia's flagship product, Cota®, redefines wireless power by safely delivering remote, targeted energy to devices several meters away from the transmitter. Built on Ossia's patented smart antenna technology, Cota® automatically keeps multiple devices charged without any user intervention, enabling an efficient and truly wire-free, powered-up world, that is always on and always connected.
The Cota® technology uses a Wi-Fi-like signal and is designed to charge many devices simultaneously, regardless if the device is stationary or moving.

About the market

Market description

Analysts predict rapid growth of connected devices, including wearables, in the next five years. Gartner estimates a market of more than 25 billion devices worth $1.9 trillion in 2020.
Currently, wearable devices are constrained by power needs as they need to be removed and re-charged. New innovations are essential to enable the full potential of these devices. Given Cota®’s miniaturized/embedded size of the receiver, and its ability to charge multiple devices effortlessly, it’s the perfect solution for this market.

Market figures

Just two years ago, analysts predicted that wireless charging systems would have a global market size of $4.5 billion by end 2014. Today, largely due to the lack of a clear industry standard, analysts are concerned it will remain a “niche category” for some time. Still, analysts are making optimistic predictions, ranging from IMS Research’s $4.5B by 2016 to Pike Research’s $15B by 2020.

Questions to Didier J. Le Lannic, President & CEO

What are your venture’s key achievements to date?

  • Raised $48 million to date – led by private investors
  • Generated over 1,000 leads at 2016 Consumer Electronic Show
  • Eight (8) granted patents for safe, practical remote wireless power and 80 patents filed with over 300 claims
  • Became an ITU member in May 2016

What are you plans for future development?

To position for growth

  • Primary markets: Mobile, wearable and IoT devices; service providers e.g., utilities
  • Strategy: Building ecosystems partnering with mobiles, wearables and service provider leaders
  • Value proposition: Over the air wireless power differentiation enables partners to gain market share and time to market advantages

What is your competitive environment?

  • Energous is the main competitor in the “Field Of Use” with granted patents. Ossia’s patents are blocking patents in RF wireless power “Field Of Use”. On May 31, 2016 - Ossia filed 2 PGR petitions against Energous’ core patent
  • WiCharge using laser technology which requires line of sight
  • PowerMat with inductive coupling technology which provides limited reach