2nd PIC 2015 Satellogic: Satellites, networks

Satellogic: Satellites, networks

To democratize access to space-based services by dramatically reducing the barriers to obtain real-time satellite data, creating a new layer of world-wide awareness.

Our products

We are building a high-resolution, cost-efficient, real-time sensor network around the earth. For the first time in history, this constellation of satellites will be able to image any spot on earth every few minutes and provide real-time coverage of the living earth: from global commercial activity, to the health of the planet, social conflict and natural events. It will make possible an unprecedented stream of highly valuable data.

Plans for future development

  • 2015-2016: 16 satellites, 2 hours revisit times
  • 2017-2018: 100 satellites, 15 minutes revisit times
  • 2018-2019: 300 satellites, 5 minutes revisit times

Key achievements to date

  • Successfully deployed 2 satellites CubeBug1 and CubeBug2 to test critical technology components
  • Micro-satellite BugSat1 launched in 2014

About the market

Market description

The existing Earth Observation market has been driven by government spending, and has seen very few commercial applications. By reducing the cost of satellite imaging by several orders of magnitude, while increasing the frequency and volume of imaging, Satellogic will enable a cadre of new applications and realize the potential of Earth Observation data for daily decision-making in a variety of different industries. This is a new but emerging market. Satellogic is already working with customers who intend to use the firm’s imagery to support commercial agriculture, oil and gas ventures.

Market figures

Total addressable market of over USD 18 bn by 2020

Main competitors

Digital Globe, Astrium, Urthrecast, Exact Earth, Planet Labs, Spire, Dauria Aerospace

Market trends

2014 saw a few notable announcements for the widespread commercialization of low earth orbit Earth Observation satellite constellations

Four questions to Emiliano Kargieman, CEO

What is your vision for your company?

To bring space down to earth by creating a mesh network of 300 satellites with images available in real time and 5 minutes’ revisit time by 2018-2019.

Who is your target customer?

Governments, organizations, businesses and individuals in the following fields: agriculture and food production, oil and gas mining, cartography and urban planning, environment and natural resources, disaster response and conflict monitoring, infrastructure monitoring and security.

What benefits does your company offer its customers?

Our customers will be able to monitor changes in real time on a planetary scale at an affordable price and tackle the most pressing challenges such as natural resources management, food security, energy generation and distribution. The data streams will be of commercial-grade resolution and offer unprecedented granularity.

How do you think your company is different from the rest?

Our unique combination of high-resolution multi-spectral imaging, on-board processing and massive storage in a lightweight, inexpensive platform, puts us at the forefront of technological development in Earth Observation, and supports a radically different business model. With 1000x better cost/capabilities than traditional players, and over 100x over any other newcomer in the space, we can realize the vision of democratizing access to space-based resources by delivering cost-efficient data-streams for many different industries.
Another unique feature of Satellogic’s constellation is that each spacecraft will be connected to others via radio crosslinks. This type of mesh network will enable Satellogic to send instructions to its spacecraft and download data continuously.