2nd PIC 2015 Meteo-Logic: Energy & commodities trading

Meteo-Logic: Energy & commodities trading

To harness most advanced machine-learning technologies to get ahead in the global energy trading markets.

Our products

Enabling superior strategies for trading of future contracts for energy commodities with high correlation to weather, in all major commodities’ stock markets. The product is utilizing the most advanced and field-proven machine-learning technologies to process relevant energy-related big data and accurately predict future pricing.

Plans for future development

Improve yield and expand to other commodities and exchanges.

Key achievements to date

Excellent results during our technology evaluation tests in weather and renewable power forecasting. Impressive results in trading simulation of NATGAS and WTI.

About the market

Market description

The huge global energy commodities market is shifting from physical to financial trading, and with the introduction of new markets and new asset classes, the opportunities to be ahead of the market by applying skilled and successful trading techniques are growing exponentially.

Market figures

The global energy commodity market is a trillion dollar industry, divided into different asset classes and traded on different exchanges worldwide. With location-agnostic technology, Meteo-Logic has the opportunity to cover the same asset class all over the world with similar results.

Main competitors

Traditional commodity traders who need to analyze the effect of each phenomenon in the market. In contrast to that, Meteo-Logic technology delivers a set of orders according to a given trading strategy which are then translated automatically into trading.

Four questions to Igal Zivoni, CEO

What is your vision for your company?

Meteo-Logic’s vision is to manage $100million yielding 100% return, within 5 years, using a unique trading approach and disruptive technology.

Who is your target customer?

A handful of selected financial partners in the trading industry.

What benefits does your company offer its customers?

Meteo-Logic’s unique technology helps traders occupy an optimal position to overcome existing inefficiencies and to become a game changer in the data-driven energy trading industry

How do you think your company is different from the rest?

Meteo-Logic’s technology is based on a state-of-the-art technology with over a decade of proven successes in the most challenging domain – high-frequency trading (HFT). The company’s adaptive algorithm can accumulate multiple inputs of data, and process accurate predictions based on the weather at a specific time and location, as weather is the major factor that leads to energy market fluctuations.