2nd PIC 2015 Gogovan: Technology, logistics

Gogovan: Technology, logistics

To connect users to a network of delivery service providers to move anything, anywhere, anytime.

Our products

GoGoVan is a mobile application to provide on-demand logistics services by matching customers and drivers. The app offers the ability to assign vehicles to designated orders within 30 seconds. More than a million users have used GoGoVan’s service and the system currently processes over 10,000 daily transactions. Less than 2 years into being operational, it manages over 50,000 vehicles and drivers across Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and China.

Plans for future development

Logistics being a universal issue, we plan to expand our footprint into other countries. Our progress so far has proven that this is a scalable business model and can be realized at low costs. We also plan to “implant” our system into existing corporate partners (e.g. Esso, SF Express, FedEx, Toyota, etc.) to help solve their logistics issues.

Key achievements to date

  • Recognized as Best Mobile App in Hong Kong and Best Startup in Hong Kong
  • Recognized as one of CNN’s Top 10 Asia Startups

About the market

Market description

GoGoVan focuses on intra-city logistics. Currently it is a fragmented market shared by a lot of individual drivers and small logistics companies without dominant big players. Most of the major cities in APAC have a similar market structure.

Main competitors

Uber, Grabtaxi, logistics companies

Market trends

Since GoGoVan launched the first app in Hong Kong in 2013, the market has begun adopting mobile applications for greater efficiency. The traditional van call centers have also started developing their own mobile apps. Customers now face lower barriers – they can bypass the call centers and get easy logistics services at a reasonable price and within a short period of time. Also SMEs no longer need to own their delivery fleets.

Four questions to Steven Lam

What is your vision for your company?

Our vision is to build the most advanced logistics solution that can plug and play into any business, solving their intra-city and last mile logistics needs while providing a cutting-edge user experience.

Who is your target customer?

Our target customers range from individuals and SMEs, to logistics companies and corporates. As soon as they have logistics needs, our open platform can serve them.

What benefits does your company offer its customers?

Speed - In the past, a user usually spent 30 - 45 minutes on average to call a van. Using our innovative mobile technology, we aim to shorten the lead-time of finding a van to within 30 seconds.
Energy efficiency - We assign only the closest drivers. This helps save fuel usage on unnecessary miles.
Cost effectiveness - We provide on-demand logistics capabilities to our customers, allowing them to better plan their logistics needs without purchasing additional assets or hiring drivers, which was not feasible before our innovative business model.

How do you think your company is different from the rest?

We are the first startup to use a sharing economy business model to disrupt the traditional logistics industry, which we believe, operated in a very old fashioned way.

In terms of our product, our users can access our online platform to reach over 20’000 registered drivers (as opposed to 500-100 drivers through a traditional call center). In Hong Kong, more than 90% of users can find a van within 30 seconds. Users can also rate their drivers to ensure best possible matches in the future. Also, our drivers can see the orders nearest to them and can choose according to their schedules and reduce travel cost.

Meanwhile, our team showed strong execution capabilities compared to the rest by expanding to several countries in South East Asia in less than 2 years.