my Solutions Product Offering

Product Offering

Tailor-made Products with my Solutions

The my Solutions online portal offers you convenient access to a broad range of products and underlyings. This allows you to cover a wide variety of investment needs and to react to market opportunities as they arise.

  Equities FX Commodites

Equity Structured Products

  • Barrier Reverse Convertible (BRC)
  • Callable BRC
  • Autocallable BRC
  • Discount Certificate
  • ProNote with participation
  • Reverse Convertible
  • Autocallable Reverse Convertible
  • Bonus Certificate

FX Standard Products

  • FX Spot/Outright
  • FX Swap
  • FX Multi-outright
  • FX Limit Order

Hedging Strategies

  • Leveraged Forward, Knock-Into (Leveraged) Forward, (Leveraged) Risk Reversal
  • FX OTC Vanilla Options

Outperformance Strategies

  • Securitized: FINER S
  • OTC: DCD/FINER Revexus, KI/KO/KIKO Revexus
  • Ratio Knock-Out Forward

Precious Metals (PM) Standard Products

  • PM Spot
  • PM Outright
  • PM Swap
  • PM Limit Order
Commodities Structured Products

  • Securitized: Barrier Reverse Convertible, FINER S
  • PM Outright
  • OTC: DCD/FINER Revexus, KI/KO/KIKO Revexus
Minimum Investment Starting from CHF 20'000 or equivalent

FX Standard Products

  • FX Spot, Outright, Swap: no minimum
  • Limit Order starting from CHF 100’000 or equivalent

Hedging & Outperformance Strategies

  • Starting from CHF 25’000 for DCD/FINER
  • Plain Vanilla Options starting from CHF 100’000
  • Other products starting from CHF 250’000 or equivalent

PM Standard Products

  • Precious Metals Spot, Outright, Swap: no minimum
  • Limit Order starting from CHF 100’000 or equivalent

Commodities Structured Products

  • Starting from CHF 25’000 or equivalent
Underlyings More than 500 underlyings More than 200 currency pairs
  • Precious metals
  • Base metals
  • Oil

The available offering on my Solutions may differ depending on your contractual relationship with Credit Suisse.

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To request access to the tool or if you have any questions about my Solutions, please contact your Credit Suisse client advisor or our Hotline.