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The power of entrepreneurial thinking

Discover the power of entrepreneurial thinking from next generation business owners.

Embracing risk as an opportunity

Being able and willing to take risks is crucial for entrepreneurs. Taking a calculated risk isn't the same as gambling, though. It's about understanding the risk and reward equation properly.

In general, entrepreneurial types don't see themselves as reckless. How do you measure up? Find out if you share the characteristics of an entrepreneur in our quiz.

Dive into the entrepreneurial mind

Why entrepreneurs are driven to think differently

You don't need to run your own business to think like an entrepreneur. Find out what makes this way of thinking different and what you can learn about it. 

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Why entrepreneurs are driven to think differently

How entrepreneurial are you?

Do you think like a business innovator? See how you measure up against more than 350 successful business leaders.

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How entrepreneurial are you?

Read our study about entrepreneurial thinking

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Our research study takes a deep-dive into entrepreneurial thinking and what drives the movers and shakers of our time to push forward in business.