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Entrepreneurial ideas can change the world. The entrepreneurial mind is the common ingredient that unites different, successful types of business leaders, all of whom are driving progress, creating value, and generating wealth within their respective fields.

"When you start from scratch, you define what it is"

Padmasree Warrior's vision of autonomous vehicles was one that would completely change the transport industry. Driven by curiosity and the will to experiment, she was eager to create a product that would make lives better.

"Entrepreneurs are driven by their vision of the future"

Mark founded Garuda Robotics after realizing the potential of the industrial application of drones beyond entertainment and leisure. He never viewed them as an object of interest, but rather as a useful device to help with infrastructure, agriculture and security.

"Curious people never run out of ideas"

Peter Smith believes the future will have more equal financial services for everyone. He took thousands of tiny steps to get here today, but each step was a challenge that drove his entrepreneurial spirit.