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Unearthing the world's wealth

Understanding where the world's wealth sits is critical for entrepreneurial individuals planning their next venture. Our Global Wealth Report delves into wealth trends around the world to pinpoint where the next big idea might have space to grow.

Family business

China's rising spending power

We wanted to find out where wealth is shifting, between regions and generations. Our recent research reveals China as the world's growth champion.

Regional composition

Since the turn of the century, there has been a rebalancing of wealth towards China. The Chinese share of global wealth has increased more than five times since the year 2000 – from 3.1% of total worldwide wealth to its current 16.4%.

Our Global Wealth Report 2018 investigates the trends behind this growth as well as looking at the future of Asia as a whole and China in particular.

China's wealth

Opening the door to entrepreneurial opportunity

Our Global Wealth Report highlights growth at the top of the wealth pyramid as well as in the middle. China is now second in the world when it comes to the millionaire league and also dominates mid-range wealth worldwide, hosting almost half the total global population in this segment.

All these trends point to a boost for entrepreneurial endeavors in China. With rising wealth comes new business opportunities.

What's more, the country's significant growth in non-financial assets can also fuel entrepreneurial activities.  Real estate, commodities, and technologies play an important part in enabling debt to empower further investments and growth.

Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2018

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Our research gives you a comprehensive annual update of how global household wealth is developing by segment and region.