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Future-focused financial expertise

Thinking long-term about your investments can help you make informed decisions about your financial future. Taking the long view means looking beyond the everyday noise of the financial markets to stay future-focused. What will society and the businesses of tomorrow really look like? Explore our insights into how long-term demographic change will affect the world.

Super Trends


Supertrends highlight significant societal changes that will have a big global impact. To arrive at our Supertrends, we have analyzed long-term demographic trends and advances in technology as well as political developments and new economic policies we see around the world.

Our five Supertrends are:

  • Angry societies – Multipolar world
  • Infrastructure– Closing the gap
  • Technology at the service of humans
  • Silver economy
  • Millennials' values

Our report considers how these themes will affect society and the economy and which sectors and types of companies may benefit. As an aging population collides with a gradual shift to the Millennial generation, sectors catering both to the needs of old age and the values of Generation Y are likely to grow.

Technology is also under the microscope. While the tech sector has recently been the subject of controversy regarding data protection, it's an area of constant development. What's more, some technologies like 5G communications have the potential to act as a catalyst for development in places like rural Africa. 

We also considered what's the root cause of sweeping political and economic policy change and its global ramifications. Against a background of heated trade rhetoric and political upheaval, rising inequality and insecurity, we offer our interpretation of who the winners and losers may be as governments around the world attempt to strengthen their economies.