Progress is just a word.
        Until you make it happen.

The Credit Suisse Progress Barometer offers a unique take on progress. We wanted to explore where the wheels of change are turning and where momentum still needs to gather. So we set out to measure what people think about where society, politics and the economy are in transformation.

A finger on the pulse of progress

Our Progress Barometer pinpoints where we are making great leaps forward.  It's a snapshot of how far we have come and where we can still do better. And a spark of inspiration for the entrepreneurial thinkers and curious minds that make the world advance. We shine a light on progress to nurture it in all its many forms. Now, and since 1856.

Discover the Credit Suisse Progress Barometer

Life lessons from entrepreneurs

Time to meet the people who have faced the fear and jumped anyway. Entrepreneurs on their personal vision of progress and what pushed them to make change happen.