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Philippe Monnier

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To create a future where any transparent surface is a window into virtual worlds.
To supercharge the human senses and make everyday life more fun, convenient, and secure.

WayRay is the only company in the world to develop holographic augmented reality (AR) technology solutions for the automotive industry. WayRay’s head-up displays offer a safer driving experience by projecting the most relevant information about the environment right into the driver’s line of sight. WayRay’s portfolio includes Navion, the aftermarket holographic AR navigation system; the embedded holographic AR display for car manufacturers; the True AR SDK for developers to create AR apps for cars; and Element, a gamified car tracker for smarter driving.

The market
As major automakers are repositioning themselves for the next generation of customers, long-established suppliers are learning to innovate to keep the pace. Amidst the overall car industry transformation, WayRay aims to become a supplier of holographic AR displays for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), while positioning their aftermarket product Navion for the consumer electronics segment (offline retailers, automotive e-commerce marketplace). Geographically, WayRay considers the US and China as their target locations for the product sales.