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Virtually Live

Donald Monson

Donald Monson

Chief Strategy Officer Tectus Group, Virtually Live

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Live Sports and eSports converge when everyone is invited to participate and compete with the pros in the ultimate fan experience virtually live at real-world events.

Virtually Live is a next-generation eSports platform with real-time, data-driven sports replication technology that invites users to compete live with the pros in real-world events. The eSports platform enables users to interact and share profiles and content within the platform. With offices in Zurich, Malaga, San Francisco, and Singapore, Virtually Live creates a fully-immersive and interactive experience for fans to consume and participate virtually in live events across multiple devices and platforms. All events are created in computer-generated imagery (CGI) and visualized via data gathered and processed through Virtually Live’s proprietary machine learning algorithms and rendering system. The first product, Virtually Live Ghost Racing, has been developed in partnership with the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, the world’s pioneering electric street racing series. Virtually Live puts fans at the center of the action and in full control to consume and curate on races, allows users move around the most iconic FE tracks, qualify for races, and even race alongside the real pilots live.

The market
Virtually Live targets the global eSports market, having a unique proposition as being the sole game application, available across multiple devices, which merges live sports with eSports. The global gaming market is estimated at USD 115 bn within which the Racing Game segment has an estimated value of USD 5 bn, in addition, the global motorsports revenue exceeds USD 30 bn. The E-sports market is set to exceed USD 2 bn and 500 mn participants by 2021.