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Screening Eagle

Marcel Poser

Marcel Poser

CEO Tectus Group

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Screening Eagle manages and safeguards the integrity and safety of large structural assets and real estate property through next-generation digital diagnostics, cloud-based data analytics and predictive maintenance to reduce total cost of ownership and increase net present value for asset owners.

Screening Eagle revolutionizes infrastructure inspection and management by creating digital twins to visualize, simulate, and control physical assets. The platform enables effective monitoring of the asset’s defect history, predictive assessment, and augmented-reality-featured maintenance and construction, thereby ensuring safety of existing assets and effective development of new ones. Proceq, a leader in non-destructive testing, is leveraging Screening Eagle’s cloud infrastructure for their newly launched connected instruments.

The market
Screening Eagle targets the multi-billion construction and infrastructure market and helps asset owners as well as real estate management and construction companies to increase their net present value throughout the whole life-cycle, and at the same time preventing disruptive disasters and the economic costs related thereto.