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Richard Hanbury

Richard Hanbury

CEO Sana

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To help relieve the pain, anxiety, and insomnia of as many people across the globe as we can.

Sana is drug-free neuromodulation for the tratement of chronic pain and insomnia. Sana provides relaxation and relief on demand. Sana gets people out of pain/anxiety or just too much thinking to sleep in an average of ten minutes. Sana’s neuromodulated stimulation guides the brain through the ideal sequence of patterns for a deep sleep. It measures and tracks users’ overall state of health and vitality over time and uses this measure to tailor the device to get the user to deep relaxation and sleep fast. Bertrand Piccard used Sana to get enough sleep on his round-the-world journey. The product is expected to be in the market by Q2 2019, at a price of approx. 400 euros.

The market
The opioid epidemic killed more than 72,000 people in the US alone last year. Drug-free alternatives to opioids will save lives. The US government and the FDA are strongly encouraging anyone that can

a) stop some people from ever needing opiods
b) help those taking opiods to reduce intake
c) help people to recover from addiction

Sana can do all three, targeting a market of 100 mn people in the US with chronic pain, starting with neuropathic pain in chronic pain clinics.