Company profile


Empower SMEs through trade finance technologies.

Qupital is the leading FinTech company in Hong Kong. Operating on a safe and secure online platform, Qupital enables SME businesses to raise capital in few clicks by connecting them with professional investors. Qupital serves a wide range of SMEs in general trading, e-commerce and service sectors. Meanwhile, Qupital’s funders can gain access to a new asset class – with short-term, low-correlation, self-liquidating credit products. In March 2018, Qupital signed its strategic partnership with, aiming to help more B2B businesses in the transformation of e-commerce.

The market
Hong Kong has the world’s seventh-largest export market. The receivables market size for HK SMEs in the export sector alone accounts for an estimated USD 413 bn annually. SMEs in domestic trades and e-commerce sectors are also large revenue sources for Qupital. This funding gap in Asia is estimated to be over USD 2.3 trillion annually. On the funders, side, very few short-term, low-correlation, self-liquidating credit products are available in the market. Demands from Asian professional investors are high and we have since generated double-digit percentage returns per annum with a clean loss ratio.