Company profile


DayTwo is the leading microbiome-based precision medicine company, developing personalized nutrition, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions using AI and machine learning on microbial genomics, human traits, and disease.

Initial product:
Balance blood glucose levels for people with Type II diabetes.

Our initial product enables glycemic-control and is targeted for people with Type II diabetes, helping them balance blood sugar levels, lower HbA1C, and lose weight using a “food-asmedicine” approach, personalized to the subject’s clinical and personal traits.

Future product line:
DayTwo has the largest full-shotgun database of the gut-microbiome in the world. The database is the foundation for the DayTwo Human Discovery Platform™ to identify precision medicine therapies, diagnostics, and care solutions for metabolic and other diseases.

The market
A 2017 market study by Transparency Market research (TMR) estimates the worldwide market for human microbiome-based diagnostics and therapeutics will reach US 3.2 bn in revenues by the end of 2024. DayTwo believes the overall market opportunity is much larger than that.