Impact Roundtable About the Impact Roundtable

About the Impact Roundtable


The Impact Roundtable is a unique, by-invitation-only thought leadership platform, which launches an impact conversation through a series of roundtable discussions on topics related to conservation, philanthropy and impact investment (“conservation finance”). By facilitating a constructive dialogue among key influencers in this area, Credit Suisse aims to create tangible and sustainable impact through concrete actions and build a network of influential people and institutions around the world who care about nature and actively participate in the funding of conservation projects one way or another.

The “blue economy” gathers momentum

Marine conservation experts and practitioners, leading philanthropists and investors got together for the 1st Impact Roundtable in Lisbon on May 17-18 to explore the paths to a sustainable blue economy.

Did you know that…

  • We owe our every second breath to the ocean?
  • It is predicted that, in 2025, there will be a ton of plastic residues in the ocean for every three tons of fish?
  • In 2030, about 90% of coral reefs around the world will be under threat of extinction?

And, also, that…

  • Goods and services from coastal and marine environments amount to about $2.5 trillion each year?
  • The global market for marine biotechnology has the potential to reach $6.4 billion by 2025?
  • 90% of the earth’s current thermal energy has been stored in the ocean throughout the last decades?

Our oceans are under serious threat. Credit Suisse’s 1st Impact Roundtable “Why investing in a sustainable blue economy matters now?" underlined that the actions taken now will decide if we can reverse the ocean’s path of decline to that of recovery. While the current data look bleak, there are some encouraging signs out there. The roundtable showcased many success stories illustrating that a judicious mix of talent, capital, scale and structure, together with sound policies and local community engagement, can not only turn around the situation, it can create significant returns for investors.

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