Forum Supertrends Pitching Award 2018

Supertrends Pitching Award 2018

With the Supertrends Pitching Award 2018, Credit Suisse demonstrates its support of innovative Israeli high-tech entrepreneurs from early on, underlining its long-term commitment to the Israeli high-tech community.

This year, we are positioning the award along Credit Suisse Supertrends, allowing innovative Israeli high-tech pioneers to showcase their companies to a panel of seasoned experts, as well as to the Forum’s audience of selected high-tech investors and experts from Israel and abroad.

The following ventures were chosen in a highly competitive selection process to attend the ‘Supertrends Market Place’:

Following the ‘Supertrends Market Place’, 5 finalists will be chosen by the audience today to present their elevator pitches on 4th High-Tech Forum stage and contest for ‘Supertrends Pitching Award 2018’.

The winner, voted jointly by the Expert’s panel and the 4th High-Tech Forum audience, will be awarded with:

  • A one year scholarship sponsored by Credit Suisse, including three personal coaching sessions by the Head of Credit Suisse Israel
  • Invitation to one of Credit Suisse’s exclusive global events in next 12 months
  • Winner will be shortlisted for participation at Credit Suisse 5th Private Innovation Circle and have advantage of a fast track due diligence process, with a potential opportunity to present its pioneering business to a exclusive audience of Credit Suisse’s most influential clients, successful investors and other entrepreneurs. For further information about Private Innovation Circle please visit the website: