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About the High-Tech Forum

The Credit Suisse High-Tech Forum provides an exclusive networking platform for start-up entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, venture capitalists and investors. By personal invitation only.

On April 24, 2018, Credit Suisse hosted its fourth annual High-Tech Forum in Tel Aviv bringing together 150 selected high-tech entrepreneurs, investors and innovative thinkers from Israel, Europe and Credit Suisse’s global network. Leveraging its unique relationships and expertise across the investment world, Credit Suisse strives to be the number one bank for high-tech entrepreneurs in Israel.

The focus of this year’s Forum was on “Five Supertrends Shaping the Future.” The Forum was opened by Supertrends Market place, which showcased 10 companies that have successfully introduced groundbreaking innovations in keeping with the 5 Credit Suisse Supertrends.

In this era of rapidly accelerating change, it is our belief that technology will continue to become more and more vital to how we live, and will continue to deliver the most promising investment opportunities. In order to guide client investments and advisory, Credit Suisse maintains a “House View” of the current and near future investment climate. In his keynote speech, Mr. Michael Strobaek, Global Chief Investment Officer Credit Suisse, shared the House View and the 5 SuperTrends, as follows:

Angry Societies: The view that rapid change and technological disruption will, in the near term, provide great benefits to some, while leaving others confused and disenfranchised.
Infrastructure: As global population grows and the urbanization trend continues, the need for transport, water, energy and affordable housing development will be unprecedented.
Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robotics and other “space age” technology will begin to disrupt and change how we live and work as never before.
Silver Economy: With more than 2 billion people over the age of 60 within 20 years, elder care and senior spending power will be of key importance.
Millennial Values: Millennials’ burgeoning social influence and purchasing power means that their values of immediacy, experience and social consciousness will influence everything.

The Forum reached its culmination in the Pitching Award 2018. Five finalists from the Supertrends Marketplace were chosen by the audience to come on stage and deliver three minutes “elevator pitches” of their technological solutions for the key challenges of tomorrow.
After a short interrogation of each venture by a three-man panel of judges, the audience and panelists jointly voted for this year’s winner, Otonomo, the world’s first platform for sharing and utilizing data gathered from connected transportation solutions.

In the final keynote speech of this year’s Forum, esteemed innovator, successful entrepreneur and noted futurist Yanki Margalit took attendees on a short trip to the future, presenting his vision for a world where machines do all the work, solar energy renders everything free and the 10 real technologies that are already changing humanity. Margalit’s presentation provided a thought-provoking and optimistic view of the future for investors and for humankind.

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Get insight into the 4rd Credit Suisse High-Tech Forum in Tel Aviv held on April 24th, 2018.

The “High-Tech Forum” is an exclusive platform bringing together innovative Israeli high-tech entrepreneurs, selected investors and designated high-tech experts from Israel and the global Credit Suisse network to exchange thought and facilitate introductions.