A Jewel in the Canton of Valais

The Rhône, fed by a multitude of tributaries emerging from the steep valleys on either side, flows like a blue ribbon past towns steeped in history, orchards and vineyards until it reaches Lake Geneva. The contrasts of Valais are fascinating: rugged cliffs and sunny high plateaus, fertile vineyard slopes and the barren landscape of the High Alps, and a mentality influenced by both the German and French languages.

The mountain peaks along the Rhône Valley come a bit closer to the sky than those in other places. The backdrop is impressive: Half of the four-thousanders in the Alps are found in Valais, between the Rhône Glacier and Lake Geneva.

An idyllic mountain village or an Alpine town? Crans-Montana is both, combining the comforts of a modern vacation destination with the joys of nature and the panorama of the Pennine Alps. With its diverse options and reputation as a golf mecca, the modern side of Crans-Montana is very appealing for international visitors.


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