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The Family Ties Program is unique

The Family Ties Program is a unique educational program that provides you with the latest insights from leaders in the financial services industry on managing wealth within a family business. The Program is designed for networking, connecting and sharing best practices among peers who share common concerns and challenges.

It provides a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the financial markets and educates participants in key wealth management concepts. The Program is designed and continuously adjusted to help individuals who will assume an important investment responsibility in the near future. Our goal is to help you understand best practices of wealth management and effectively face any challenges you may encounter.

Our Family Business experts

Professor Emeritus Ernesto J. Poza and Prof. Dr. Cristina Cruz

Our keynote speakers on Family Business, will share their insights into the principles and secrets of family‑managed businesses. They will also discuss how to leverage the unique strengths of your Family Business and successfully implement practices that drive high performance, shareholder loyalty and healthy family relationships.

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Our program, now in its 13th edition, has become increasingly more sophisticated, and more thoughtful about both principles and best practices. Ernesto J. Poza

An Insight Into the Program

Video 3:08

Impressions of the tenth edition of this six day educational event in Zurich.

Leading experts will cover strategic planning, family governance, succession planning, financial basics, investments and philanthropy. This exclusive program is not only an opportunity for participants to learn from one another, but also to network and share best practices. The program includes a number of offsite activities, including meals at finest restaurants and visits to most notable attractions.