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  • Under Followed Opportunities Conference

We are pleased to announce the Credit Suisse Under Followed Opportunities Conference will take place in Boston (September 13th) and New York (September 14th).


Credit Suisse Boston Office
1 Federal Street, 18th floor
Boston, MA
Credit Suisse New York Office
Eleven Madison Ave
New York, NY

The UFO conference is unique in how we select the companies which present to investors. Credit Suisse HOLT uses its proprietary CFROI methodology which removes accounting distortions in order to improve your ability to compare companies on global basis. We screened for companies that are relatively under followed by Wall Street using quantitative and qualitative criteria including profit margin growth, asset turns, sales growth, and valuation. We then invite management teams to present to our clients.

This conference will be in Boston on 9/13 and NYC on 9/14. The format will be 1-1 and 2-1 meetings, with each company doing an open group meeting session.

The 1-1 meeting request deadline is set for September 1st We look forward to seeing you!

Ted Ghislandi