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2019 Private Innovative Company Summit

The Credit Suisse Private Innovative Company Summit offers a unique networking platform for technology-focused entrepreneurs and investors to discuss technology, investing, and industry trends. Our 4th annual event in 2019 attracted over 150 entrepreneurs, executives and investors across the dynamic technology ecosystem.  Attendees had an opportunity to hear from a mix of unique and thought-provoking speakers, including Peyton Manning, former National Football League Quarterback and 2-time Super Bowl Champion; Roger M. McNamee, entrepreneur, investor, venture capitalist, musician and author of Zucked; and Padmasree Warrior, former CTO of Cisco and Motorola, former CEO of NIO USA and board member of Microsoft and Spotify. Please see below videos for a more detailed look at this year’s event and access the ‘Past Events Highlights’ tab above for previous years’ events.

Please see the 2019 Private Innovative Company Summit highlight videos below.