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Please read the following information carefully. We recommend that you print out this information for future reference.

One-on-One Meetings Contact: Claudia Bruha at claudia.bruha@credit-suisse.com

The one-on-one meetings are an integral part of the conference and provide an opportunity to meet top-tier institutional clients on a one-on-one basis. Each meeting will be 50 minutes and we encourage you to devote the entire day to these meetings. Please indicate your availabilty in the One-on-One Availability section on the Speaker Registration tab.

Claudia Bruha will email you the final client demand immediately after the one-on-one request deadline, Monday, July 10. They will ask you to review the list, re-confirm your availability and provide any guidance prior to allocating your schedule. You will be sent your preliminary meeting schedule immediately thereafter as well as updates leading up to the conference.

Company Logo Please send your company logo to molly.mcconnell@credit-suisse.com via email before July 14. If you participated in the conference last year and you would like to reuse the same logo for your one-on-one door sign, please contact Molly McConnell via email to confirm. 

Handouts/Shipping Contact: Molly McConnell at molly.mcconnell@credit-suisse.com

If you would like to provide handouts to distribute during your meetings, please plan on sending no more than 50 copies of all handouts to the hotel prior to the conference. Handouts and other presentation materials should be shipped and received at the hotel no later than July 31. If you would like your remaining handouts returned to you, please indicate on the registration form and include completed air bills with your materials.

Omni Berkshire Place Hotel
Attn: Elizabeth Thomforde
21 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022
+1 212-753-5800
Hold for August 1 - Molly McConnell/Credit Suisse