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Breakfast and Registration

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Investor meetings

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Private Equity Panel – Opportunities Outside of US Shale

We have seen Private Equity funds grab upstream assets in recent months. The more recent examples include the UK North Sea and Gabon. For example, Siccar Point Energy acquired OMV’s UK North Sea assets, Chrysaor (backed by Harbour Energy – an investment vehicle formed by EIG and Noble Group) agreed to acquire a package of UK North Sea assets from RDS, and the Carlyle Group agreed to acquire RDS’ Gabon assets. Often these assets are largely more mature in nature, albeit with some growth prospects, so we look forward to discussing the value proposition of these assets as well as further opportunities for Private Equity to expand their energy portfolios.

Moderator: Credit Suisse, James Peterkin, Head of European Oil & Gas Investment Banking
Caryle Group, Marcel Van Poecke, Head and Managing Director of The Caryle Group
EIG, Ronnie Hawkins, Managing Director
Warburg Pincus, Simon Eyers, Managing Director

10:00 - 10:15

Coffee Break

10:15 - 11:00

Oil Market Panel – Volatility to be the New Norm

The outlook for oil markets is uncertain – there are those with a view that there is an emerging supply gap by 2020/21 without more offshore FIDs, and those that believe that OPEC and US shale will be able to fill much of the gap. We will also discuss what the next great basins are and how great the current crop is, and what inflating costs will do to break-even prices. Many in the industry now acknowledge the reality of climate change. The debate over peak oil demand is more prevalent of late with a wide range of views and outcomes, which is relevant for oil markets. There are those that argue peak oil demand could come as early as five years from now, but the majority within the industry sees this happening in 2030-35. Importantly, however, once the peak is reached, there is likely a long plateau.

Moderators: Credit Suisse, Ed Westlake, European Oil & Gas
Core Labs, Richard Bergmark, CFO
Credit Suisse, Jan Stuart, Oil Strategist
Credit Suisse, Osmar Abib, Head of US Energy Banking
Facts Global Energy, Michael Barry, Director of Research 

11:00 - 11:45

Investor Meetings

11:45 - 12:30

LNG Panel – Have we Learned From Past Cycles?

Cycles come, cycles go – how will demand evolve and what are the new supply options? 2016 turned out to be a better year. 2017 should be another balanced year, albeit some moving parts potentially making 2017 a better year, before a potential excess emerges from 2018. Many of the key LNG players argue that demand is coming back faster and therefore prices will recover faster. Now this may be an understandable approach – if LNG sellers acknowledge low spot prices to emerge from 2018/19, they put themselves in a difficult position to market their LNG. The reality is that there is still a ‘potential’ excess emerging from 2018 even after factoring in increasing demand facilitated by FSRUs. This may challenge timely project FIDs, and a potential for a bigger market gap emerging as a result in the mid-2020s. The panel will address potential resolutions to address this imbalance.

Moderators: Credit Suisse, Thomas Adolff, European Oil & Gas and Ed Westlake, US Oil and Gas
Credit Suisse, David Hewitt, Canadian Oil & In-House LNG Expert
Statoil, Magnus Smistad, Principal Gas Market Analysis
Rystad Energy, Jo Husebye, Senior Project Manager
Tellurian Inc, Mark Stubbe, Senior Vice President, LNG Origination

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Investor Meetings

14:00 - 14:45

OFS Panel

The oilfield services panel will bring together industry participants and leading market consultants to discuss a select number of prominent OFS trends. The panel will address the competitiveness of offshore reserves and their relevance in the context of global oil supply. The panel will discuss structural change within the industry through smarter solutions, technology, standardisation and new commercial models - phase 2 of the industry’s cost reduction. We will also address industry overcapacity and any potential for price inflation and rising returns in the context of the new cycle profitability. The changing competitive landscape will be discussed, plus the medium-long term recovery prospects for the offshore / subsea industries – determining the ‘new normal’.

Acteon FLS, Will Rowley, Vice President
Energy Maritime Associates, David Boggs, Managing Director
Infield Systems (a Wood Mackenzie business), James Hall, Director of Operations
Rystad Energy, Jon Fredrik Muller, Partner

14:45 - 15:00

Coffee Break

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Investor Meetings

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Investor Meetings


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