Credit Suisse Top Stories
  • 2018 Fintech Conference

We are pleased to announce the Credit Suisse 2018 Fintech Conference will take place in New York on June 5, 2018.


Credit Suisse
Eleven Madison Avenue
New York, NY

Panel Topics 

Fin-Tech: The Investment Opportunity

The venture capital view of investment opportunities across the fin-tech landscape.

Crypto: The Investment Opportunity 

A panel discussion on how traders, investors and enterprises are sizing up the opportunity to invest in crypto-currencies and blockchain platforms.

Crypto: Payments

A discussion on how crypto-currencies and blockchain platforms could be used for retail and commercial payments. 

Personal Lending 

An investigation of how technology will change the personal lending landscape and the impact this could have on the credit card landscape.

Challengers to the Payments Networks 

A roundtable of upstarts and global competitors discuss risks, new and old, to payments networks Visa and MasterCard.

Battle for the Wallet

Winners and losers in payments and credit cards as more payments migrate to digital wallets.

Leveraging Technology to Improve Consumers’ Outcomes 

A panel discussion on  how technology is making consumers smarter and more prosperous.