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2017 Entrepreneurs Summit (Detroit)

Summit Focus

The Entrepreneurs Summit allows UHNW families to network, share ideas and even pool efforts to help shape the communities in which they live or run their businesses. By focusing on how entrepreneurs like Dan Gilbert channeled efforts into reshaping downtown Detroit or how Chicago Mayor Steve Koch used data analytics to analyze trends in that city’s South Side, at 2017’s Detroit event, attendees heard real, actionable ideas on how to effect change in communities across the country. Venture capitalists like Steve Case and JD Vance highlighted how traditional VC has targeted only a few regions of the country and their "Rise of the Rest®" efforts aims to fund groundbreaking businesses that are creating jobs and changing lives in the rest of the US. This year’s event in New York will create a similar atmosphere of exchange and ideas sharing; please check back for highlights of the New York event later in 2018.

Topics of discussion at the 2017 Summit

  • Public and private partnerships driving changes in major cities
  • Training the next generation of workers
  • Retraining employees for a more tech-focused economy
  • The future of driverless cars
  • Data analytics as a crime prevention tool
  • Urban real estate opportunities
  • Global economic trends and their impact on the US
  • Reforming our education system

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