Jian Li

Founder and CEO, Renrenche

Jian Li is the founder and CEO of Renrenche, an automobile transaction platform founded in April 2014. Renrenche has also created an innovative business model for the sale of second-hand cars.

Mr. Li has extensive experience in internet product development and operation management. He was the youngest Product Director when he was working for Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine in the world, and during his time there, he was also recognized with the “Best Contributor Award” at Baidu. After that, he served as Vice President of Product at 58.com, and then Vice President at Microsoft Asia’s Internet Engineering Institute.

Renrenche has developed into an integrated platform for vehicle transactions and services. It covers the entire life cycle of a vehicle, from the sales of new vehicles and second-hand cars, to financial services and after-sales services. It is recognized as a trustworthy platform through which people can buy, sell or use vehicles more conveniently.