Past Speakers

Benjamin Joffe

General Partner, HAX

HAX ( is the #1 early stage investor in hardware startups, which has made 238 investments so far. In China, HAX was the first investor in Makeblock, a STEM robotics startup with USD36 million in funding from Sequoia, Shenzhen Capital Group and others. HAX is part of SOSV, a unique seed fund with a deep tech focus. SOSV is a creator of vertical accelerator programs and uses milestones-based investment. It was ranked the world’s most active seed investor in 2017 by TechCrunch.

A thought leader in hardware, IoT and innovation ecosystems, Benjamin Joffe is a contributor to Forbes and TechCrunch and has spoken at over 200 events. His presentations and annual "Hardware Trends" report collected over one million views online.

Born in France, Benjamin trained as an aerospace engineer before turning to strategy and Asia, where he has been based since 2000. He currently lives and works in locations including Hong Kong and Shenzhen.