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  1. China Paves the Way in Artificial Intelligence

    China is taking the lead in developing the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology and is getting ready for the large-scale commercialization of AI.

  2. New Experiences for Better Living

    Millennials are clamoring for ‘new’ experiences. From learning the ‘ancient’ form of martial arts online to watching e-sports (online games), the new generation has access to a variety of experiences in just a few clicks.

  3. New Era for China’s Biopharma Sector

    Talent returning to China from overseas, favorable policies and an influx of capital have driven innovation in China’s fast-growing healthcare industry.

  4. Fine China for Investors, Served in Shenzhen

    The People’s Republic is exciting as ever with herculean growth plans, a booming tech sector and lifestyle changes aplenty. Credit Suisse is in the midst of it, most recently at our 8th annual China Investment Conference in Shenzhen.

  5. China's Internet Winners

    Massive value is being created online by companies such as Alibaba, Tencent and a host of other dot-coms. A recent study by Credit Suisse finds the opportunities to be focused in three areas: data technology, gaming and upgraded consumption.