Speaker Bios

Richard Johnston

Regional Head of Asia, Albourne Partners

Richard joined Albourne in September 2004 to set up and head their Asian region providing both research on Asian based managers and consulting services to investors.  Albourne Partners Limited is a leading UK based independent alternative investment advisory firm representing over 270 clients with an estimate of over $500bn allocated to alternatives.  Albourne Partners Limited was established in 1994 and has 414 employees in 11 countries.

Mr. Johnston spent the previous eleven years with UBS AG in Hong Kong and Singapore, in various senior positions managing equity proprietary trading, convertible bonds and prime brokerage in the region. Prior to this, he was with Baring Securities in London and Tokyo, specialising in arbitrage trading and risk management.

Mr. Johnston graduated in Computer Science from Manchester University, UK in 1981 and was admitted as a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales in 1985.


Richard Johnston

Albourne Partners亚洲主管

Richard Johnston于2004年9月加入Albourne,成立并主管公司的亚洲团队,为投资者提供有关亚洲管理公司的研究及相关咨询服务。Albourne Partners Limited是一家英国领先的独立另类投资顾问公司,服务超过270家客户,涉及的另类投资规模预计超过5,000亿美元。Albourne Partners Limited成立于1994年,在11个国家总计拥有414名员工。

此前Johnston 先生在瑞银集团香港和新加坡办公室供职11年,曾担任不同高级职位,负责管理该地区的股票自营交易、可转债及主经纪商业务。在此之前,Richard任职于霸菱证券(Baring Securities)伦敦与东京办公室,专门从事套利交易与风险管理。

Johnston 先生于1981年毕业于英国曼彻斯特大学计算机科学专业,1985年成为英格兰及威尔士特许会计师协会会员。