Steve Klinsky

Founder and CEO, New Mountain Capital

Steve Klinsky is the Founder and CEO of New Mountain Capital, which currently manages over $20 billion of assets, including $17.5 billion of private equity assets. The firm emphasizes non-cyclical “defensive growth” and business building - rather than reliance on debt - as the best path to high and consistent returns. Prior to founding New Mountain in 1999, Mr. Klinsky was co-founder of Goldman Sachs & Co.’s Leveraged Buyout Group (1981 – 1984), and a partner of Forstmann Little & Co. (1984 – 1999). 

Steve, a native of Michigan, earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan, his law degree at Harvard Law School and his M.B.A. at Harvard Business School. He is chairman of the American Investment Council, and has been chairman, director or trustee of numerous corporate boards and charities. He lives with his wife - the novelist Maureen Sherry - in New York City and they have four children.