Scott Goodwin

Founding Partner, Diameter Capital Partners

Scott Goodwin is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Diameter Capital Partners, an investment firm he co-founded that focuses on the full spectrum of credit investing, from performing to distressed. As Portfolio Manager, he focuses on managing the sizing, security selection, gross/net exposures and risk of the fund while also managing the relationships of trading and capital markets counter parties. Prior to founding Diameter, Mr. Goodwin was previously with Anchorage Capital Group (2010 – 2016) as a Portfolio Manager and the Global Head of Trading. Mr. Goodwin also had day-to-day oversight for the Anchorage Short Credit (ASC) fund. In addition to his portfolio management and trading responsibilities, Mr. Goodwin sat on the Investment Committee and helped build the CLO and CDO businesses at Anchorage. 

Previously, Mr. Goodwin spent eight years with Citigroup, serving most recently as Head of High Yield Bond and Credit Default Swap Trading. A 2002 graduate of Duke University, Mr. Goodwin earned a B.A. in Economics with a concentration in Markets and Management.