Agenda Speaker Information

Speaker Information

Please read the following information carefully. We recommend that you print out this information for future reference.

We appreciate your company's willingness to participate in the Credit Suisse 31st Annual Basic Materials Conference. The conference will take place September 11-13, 2018 at our conference center at:

Credit Suisse
Eleven Madison Avenue (enter on Park or Madison Avenues at 24th Street)
Level 2Below
New York, NY 10010

Presentation Details/Format

The format of the conference will be 35 minute presentations, inclusive of Q&A. Please arrive at the Credit Suisse Registration Desk at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your presentation, at which time you will be directed to the speaker ready table. A technician will be on hand to run through your presentation and answer any technical questions you may have. Credit Suisse will provide a laptop for your use during your presentation.

We prefer you send your presentation electronically before the conference. Please email it to Please make sure to include your company name, presentation date & time in the email. Please bring a copy of your presentation on a USB Drive as a back-up.

One-On-One Meetings

In addition to your presentation, 1-1 meetings are an integral part of the conference and provide an opportunity to meet top-tier institutional clients on a One-on-One basis. Each meeting will last 35 minutes and we encourage you to devote the entire day to these meetings. We will make every attempt to give you your own One-on-One room for your meetings. Please indicate your availability in the One-on-One Availability section on the Speaker Registration tab.

Nicole Kirby (212-325-0045) from our Corporate Access Team will email you the final client demand immediately after the One-on-One request deadline of August 10th. She will ask you to review the list, re-confirm your availability and provide any guidance prior to allocating your schedule. You will be sent your preliminary meeting schedule immediately thereafter as well as updates leading up to the conference.

Audio Visual Information

The General Session Room will be equipped with staging, a podium, a microphone and a screen, as well as any other audio-visual equipment you indicate on the registration form. We will accommodate computer-generated presentations, slides and video as described as follows.

Computer-Generated Presentations

Computer-generated presentations should be formatted in PowerPoint or PDF.

Audio Web-Casting


Credit Suisse will not be web-casting presentations during the upcoming Basic Materials Conference.

Webcast Sign Up

If your company wishes to web-cast your presentation, please access the link above/ or email Charles Yonts at to facilitate this service. You will be required to coordinate directly with Audio-casting vendor for the production of your webcast.
Please note: submitting or uploading your presentation to an Audio-casting web-casting is not the same as submitting the presentation for the conference. In addition to uploading your file per Audio-casting vendor's instruction, you must also send the presentation to our AV

Replays will be available the same day and will be available for up to 6 months (per company's request).

Handouts/ Shipping

Contact: Samantha Lillo
(212) 325-8507

We encourage you to provide participants with handouts in conjunction with your presentation. Handouts may include hard copies of the slide/computer-generated portion of the presentation, annual or quarterly financial reports and/or copies of the prospectus for recent transactions (if applicable). Please plan on sending no more than 100 copies of all handouts to our offices prior to the conference. It is very important that the boxes be labeled as described below to ensure proper delivery:

Attn: Samantha Lillo
Credit Suisse
Eleven Madison Avenue
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10010
Conference Name: Basic Materials Conference

Please contact our conference coordinator via e-mail ( regarding the specific shipping method used and the corresponding tracking numbers so that we may verify receipt. If you would like your remaining handouts returned to you, please indicate on the registration form and include completed air bills with your materials.