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Additional Information

Important Deadlines

Thursday, January 3

Deadline to submit one-on-one meeting & dinner requests

Thursday, January 10

Deadline for conference registration

Thursday, January 10

Deadline to submit hotel booking requests to the Corporate Events team

Sunday, January 20

Deadline to cancel or modify hotel reservations without losing your full deposit.

Week of January 20

Preliminary one-on-one schedules to be sent out by our Corporate Access Team


If you need additional information, please contact:

Hotel Information

Meg Sheehy
+1 212-325-4330
meg.sheehy@credit-suisse.com or energysummit.creditsuisse@credit-suisse.com

Speaker Information, Audio Visual and Agenda

Molly McConnell
+1 212-325-9360

General Information

Sharon Stein
+1 212-538-3162

One-on-One Meetings and Dinners

Nicole Kirby
+1 212-325-0045

Jordon Leff
+1 212-325-0045