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Speaker Information

Please read the following information carefully. We recommend that you print out this information for future reference.

We are delighted that your company will be presenting at the Credit Suisse 23rd Annual Energy Summit. The conference will take place February 11-15, 2018 at the Hotel Talisa (formerly the Vail Cascade).

Hotel Talisa
1300 Westhaven Drive
Vail, Colorado 81657
Phone: 970-476-7111

Conference Format
The format of the conference will be 30-minute presentations, inclusive of Q&A. Please arrive at the Credit Suisse Registration Desk as least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your presentation in order to visit the speaker ready room. A technician will be on hand to run through your presentation and answer any technical questions. Credit Suisse will provide a Windows-based PC laptop for your use during your presentation. Please bring a copy of your presentation on a memory stick.

One-on-One Meetings & Dinners
Credit Suisse Corporate Access: Nicole Kirby & Jordan Leff
Email: nicole.kirby@credit-suisse.com & jordan.leff@credit-suisse.com

The one-on-one meetings are an integral part of the conference and provide an opportunity to meet top-tier institutional clients on a one-on-one basis. Each meeting will last 30 minutes with a 5 minute break between meetings. We encourage you to devote as much time as possible to these meetings. We will also do our best to ensure that you have your own room for all your meetings.

Our 1-1 meetings team (noted above) will contact you following the 1-1 request deadline of Thursday, January 11th with the final 1-1 and dinner demand to reconfirm availability and ask any guidance before allocating. The preliminary meeting schedule will be forwarded immediately thereafter via a custom link which will reflect updates in real time.

All company management attending the conference should register separately. Attendees can register via the speaker link which was included in the Speaker Confirmation letter, confirming your presentation date, time and presenters. If you did not receive this link, please contact Meg Sheehy at meg.sheehy@credit-suisse.com.

Audio Visual Information

Contact: Sara Bross of Enliven Production Group
Email: creditsuisse@enlivenpg.com
Tel: 480-348-2365

Each General Session room will be equipped with a stage, a podium with microphone, a projector and screen, a primary/backup laptop. as well as any other audio-visual equipment you indicate on your registration form. Below are some additional guidelines for using computer generated slides as well as video.

Computer Generated Presentations

All presentations are requested to be in 16:9 format and submitted by Friday, February 9, 2018 to creditsuisse@enlivenpg.com

When sending your presentation please remember to include any special fonts you may require as well as any video clips that will need to be embedded into your presentation. Upon receipt, we will check to make sure your presentation is operational and confirm back to you via email.

Onsite, a primary and backup Windows based computer will be in each General Session room. The Credit Suisse conference laptops are currently configured with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and also Adobe PDF Viewer for PDF presentations. If your presentation is Mac (Keynote) based please contact us so we can make sure a Mac laptop is available for use during your presentation. Should you feel more comfortable using your own laptop, we will have a standard VGA connection at the podium to accommodate this request.

Stand Alone Videos
Stand alone videos, not embedded into your presentation file can be accommodated. Videos should be in .mp4 or .mov format. Please contact Enliven at the email above so we can make sure to have the appropriate equipment available during your time slot and provide you with the information on how to submit your video to us.

Contact: Meg Sheehy at meg.sheehy@credit-suisse.com

We encourage you to provide participants with handouts in conjunction with your presentation. Handouts may include hard copies of the slide/computer generated portion of the presentation, annual or quarterly financial reports and /or copies of the prospectus for recent transactions (if applicable). Please plan on sending or bringing no more than 50 copies of all handouts.

Handouts and other presentation materials should be shipped and received at the hotel no later than February 9th (but not before February 5th). Please print the attached label and affix it to each box to ensure proper routing or your materials at the hotel.

Hotel Talisa Shipping Label
Shipping Label Vendor Exhibitor Name: Meg Sheehy/Credit Suisse
Company Name: YOUR COMPANY NAME & Presentation Date
Conference Name: Credit Suisse Energy Summit

Hotel Talisa

1300 Westhaven Drive
Vail, Colorado 81657