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Additional Information

Important Dates 

Please see important deadlines below:

Monday, March 11

Hotel Sleeping Rooms: Deadline to receive the preferred conference rate of $399.00/night (plus tax).

Tuesday, March 28

Registration: Deadline for conference registration.

Contact Information 

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact:

Experiential Formats and Events 
Meg Sheehy
Tel: +1 212 325-4330
Email: meg.sheehy@credit-suisse.com

Samantha Lillo
Tel: +1 212 325-8507
Email: samantha.lillo@credit-suisse.com

Vendor Sponsorship
Karl Hagstrom
Tel: +1 212 325-8317
Email: karl.hagstrom@credit-suisse.com

Conference Attire: Business Casual