Saker Nusseibeh

Chief Executive, Hermes Investment Management

Saker is the Chief Executive Officer of Hermes. Saker was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in May 2012, having been interim Chief Executive Officer since November 2011. Saker joined Hermes in June 2009 as a main board director to drive, support and represent the investment capabilities of Hermes. In 2005, Saker joined Fortis Investments USA as CIO, Global Equities and moved on to become Global Head of Equities, responsible for managing the company’s 12 equity centres. Previously he was CIO, Global Equities and Head of Marketing at SGAM UK, where he re-orientated the company offering to include high-alpha UK strategies and a global offering, following on from the sale of Trust Company of the West (TCW) to SGAM, where he was Managing Director running various global and International strategies as well as the London office. Saker started his career at Mercury Asset Management in 1987.