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  • 2018 Boston Semiconductor Supply Chain Conference

We are pleased to announce the Credit Suisse 2018 Boston Semiconductor Supply Chain Conference will take place in Boston on June 14th & 15th.


Credit Suisse
1 Federal St., 18 Floor
Boston, MA

Welcome to the 2018 Credit Suisse Semiconductor and Technology Supply Chain Conference, a two-day conference that brings investors together with management teams from a cross section of companies in the semiconductor and technology supply chain. This is the tenth year we have organized this conference.

Strong unit growth for tablets and smartphones has driven a substantial increase in foundry capex over the last 5+ years. But we believe we are just at the beginning of a major shift in semiconductor manufacturing due to increasing capital intensity associated with staying on Moore law. We hope the conference will provide insights and investment ideas - not just ones that result from a higher level of capex, but also from spillover effects rising capital intensity will have on multiple parts of the tech supply chain. For example, rising capital intensity is bringing to the forefront the interplay between foundry,fabless and the IDM model for semiconductor manufacturing more than ever before. In the EDA space, design for manufacturing is taking on a new dimension with the rise of IP. Chip packaging, which had been a relatively mundane part of semiconductor manufacturing, is seeing dramatic innovations with the rise of 2.5D and 3D packaging, with implications for sub-con companies. While the increase in capital intensity is widely discussed for logic, we are just beginning to see the implications of rising capital intensity in the memory sector, which we have argued will lead to a fundamentally different paradigm for how investors should view supply and demand evolution in the sector.

Each company will be asked to focus on their strategies given these trends, coupled with a brief overview of their company.

This year's conference will be held on Thursday, June 14th & Friday, June 15th  at Credit Suisse offices in Boston, 1 Federal Street, 18th floor. The 1x1 meeting request deadline is Monday, May 14th.

We look forward to seeing you there!

John Pitzer, Farhan Ahmad, Sami Badri